Backstage from "The Dream Machine" project.

I was working on the Project ‘The Dream Machine’ for more than two years. It was a difficult and very interesting process for me. It gave me an opportunity to meet with very understanding people, to get a whole lot of new knowledge and to realise that our fantasies indeed become the reality.

I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the help and support of the people who took part in the Project: Jazz musician Jerry Kim – Voodoo, a wonderful person and my good friend Vlad Bulatov- stranger, Marina Trimbitskaya – a talented fashion designer who created the voodoo’s costume and additional accessories. Special thanks go to Yuri Kolodyazhny for the opportunity to work on the ‘flightbike’ at the Shcheglovskaya Kovka workshop and Vladimir Lapin for the opportunity to work on the Project at ‘The 5th Floor’ studio. Invited guest: Ryasha the Raven who performed as Raven in the Project.

Bespoke props and dresses were created for the Project. We designed a ‘flightbike’ as well as the ‘Dream Machine’ which according to the storyline takes the character into the subconscious.